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Sequence: (pyro)Glu-His-Pro-NH2
Molecular formula: C16H22N6O4
Molar Mass: 362.38367 g/mol
CAS number: 24305-27-9


Aging-Reversing Properties of Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone (TRH)

Written by: Walter Pierpaoli, MD, PhD 


Previous work from our laboratory prompted us to study the effects of short-term, acute administration of TRH or its chronic oral administration, on organs, tissues and aging-related metabolic and hormonal markers, in order to acquire more knowledge on effects, dosage and timing of administration according to its circadian cyclicity.

In addition, we wanted to verify its anti-aging effects on two most fundamental functions, namely gonadal- reproductive and kidney-urinary. The results demonstrate that both a short-term, acute or a chronic, long-term oral administration of TRH to old, aging mice, results into positive changes and rapid correction to more juvenile levels of most typical aging-related hormonal and metabolic alterations.

Remarkably, 4-month oral treatment with TRH maintains testes function in aging mice. As hinted by the significant increase of testes weight, TRH taken from the drinking water produces a maintenance and/or reconstitution of testes structure and function as shown by active proliferation and formation of mature spermatogonia and intensive spermatogenesis in the follicles. 4-month oral treatment with TRH protects the kidneys from amyloid and hyalin infiltration of both tubuli and glomeruli, which is typical of aging mice. In fact, massive deposits of amyloid and hyalin material are clearly infiltrating the shrunken glomeruli of untreated mice with loss of filtration capacity, while hardly present in TRH-treated mice. Massive hyalin degeneration can also be observed in the tubular vessels of the untreated control mice. These experiments with parenteral and oral administration of TRH show a most remarkable aging-delaying and apparently even aging-reversing effects of the neuropeptide TRH. Again, similarly, to melatonin, we are confronted with an anti-aging agent with a broad spectrum of activities which must be necessarily linked to a most fundamental role in the regulation of metabolic and hormonal functions. Aging-Reversing Properties of

Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone (TRH)

What is TRH?

TRH also know as “Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone”, carries the unfortunate and highly misleading designation of a Thyroid releasing hormone. It is a ubiquitous tiny molecule composed of three amino acids and it can be found everywhere in nature, from unicellular algae to the complex mammalian species. In man, it is concentrated in certain areas of the anterior hypothalamus and the pineal gland in the brain, and in the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas. Even at very high concentration and injected by the intravenous route, no side-effects whatsoever or noxious effects have ever been observed. Since its discovery in the 50s by the Nobel Prize Roger Guillemin, hundreds of publications have documented an amazing number of positive effects. However, its short half-life has prevented its extensive clinical use, since TRH is rapidly destroyed in the stomach and in the gut. Therefore, Sub Cutaneous administration has been shown to be advantageous.


What does TRH do?

In the years 1989-1990, Dr. Walter Pierpaoli published his first relevant paper describing the amazing variety of effects of TRH in the reconstitution of the thymus – the master gland for the immune system which naturally declines during aging, and its anti-viral effects against a lethal virus. However, all the effects of TRH are not simply produced by an increase of thyroid hormones. Later on additional publications have illustrated TRH and it’s anti-aging effects. Recently, Dr. Pierpaoli has demonstrated with different obesity models in mice how TRH is able to reverse and abrogate aging related adiposity and correct aging-related hormonal alterations by acting directly on the hormones regulating fat stores. He has also observed that TRH produces a rapid mobilization of triglycerides in the blood, a decrease of leptin and consequently, a rapid loss of body weight. Dr. Pierpaoli has suggested that TRH may constitute a key element in the hormone-controlled regulation of body weight and fat stores. This mechanism is fundamental for the maintenance of body weight, whose control is progressively weakened with age. At the 5th Stromboli Conference on Aging and Cancer in June 2010, Dr. Pierpaoli illustrated the amazing variety of aging-reversing activities of TRH with clear-cut evidence at various levels. Besides observing a correction to juvenile levels of all parameters measured, Dr. Pierpaoli was able to produce a total correction of two typical aging-related degenerative processes, namely a reversal of testis atrophy with restoration of spermatozoa production and maturation, and a total recovery of kidney function with maintenance of glomerular filtration and tubular function, as shown by disappearance of hyalin and amyloid infiltration which are typical of kidney degeneration during aging.

In order to verify the aging-reversing affects of TRH, we suggest the measurement of some simple blood parameters such as glycemia and triglycerides before use. Conclusion: Dr. Poerpaoli’s research suggests that TRH is a master hormone responsible not just for helping to adjust thyroid hormones (its principle recognised role), but in helping to recorrect many imbalances throughout the body. For example in his animal experiments TRH supplements have encouraged old animals to: Re-establish spermatogenesis, (reversing the age-related dysfunction of their testes) Correct kidney dysfunction, (a significant finding for renal issues) Correct pancreatic dysfunction, (a significant finding for diabetic issues) Act as an anticancer/protective agent Lose significant fat deposits and hence weight within 2 to 3 months. Dr. Pierpaoli intends to release a book in 2011 describing his patients & results and exposing the published literature on this remarkable agent.

Research has shown that after one month of daily use, both blood sugar levels and Triglyceride levels were significantly lower. The loss of body fat will follow during the treatment but, a few months are necessary to observe how the new metabolic and juvenile pathways will result in aging reversal and visceral fat reduction.

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