SEMAGLUTIDE (10 MG) (3 Vials)


Molecular Formula: C187H291N45O59,
Molecular Weight: The molecular weight of semaglutide is approximately 4117.5 g/mol. For 10 mg dose of semaglutide, you can calculate the number of moles using the formula:

Moles = Mass (in grams) / Molecular Weight

In this case, the mass is 10 mg, which is equal to 0.01 grams. So, the number of moles in a 10 mg dose of semaglutide would be:

Moles = 0.01 g / 4117.5 g/mol ≈ 2.43 x 10^-6 moles


The molecular formula also represents the chemical composition of the molecule in terms of the number and types of atoms present. Semaglutide is a peptide, that has revolutionized the fitness industry. As per the researches in the past few years, semaglutide has shown to be a priceless peptide in the cases related to weight loss.


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