BPC 157 peptide and Drug Side Effects

Usually, the binding factor in medical pharmaceutical industry is the side effects of anything. For example, NSAIDs like ibuprofen cannot be used for long duration as they increase gastric bleeding and the risk for heart attack. The ability to counter after effects while leaving desired results intact is a holy grail of modern medical research. This is because it improves therapeutic benefits for several drugs. BPC 157 peptide has been found to mitigate side effects of NSAIDs, medications used in psychiatric conditions, and several heart medications.  Celecoxib-induced gastric lesions (black) in rats treated with BPC-157, saline (control), L-NAME, and L-arginine.  Source: World Journal of Gastroenterology 

It is a no brainer that BPC-157 assists to avert a number of the GI side effects that certain drugs are known for, but it is less intuitive that the peptide also safeguards against side effects in the brain, heart, and other tissues. For example, research in rats shows that BPC-157 can safeguard against QTc prolongation in the heart, a condition that can lead to serious and even fatal arrhythmias. QTc prolongation is caused by drugs used to treat diabetes, schizophrenia, and other psychiatric conditions [14]. In a similar manner, BPC 157 peptide has also been shown to avert other side effects of psychiatric medications. This includes acute side effects like catalepsy and somatosensory disturbance[15].  This latter benefit may make it possible to more effective treatment of psychiatric conditions, which are notably difficult to treat, in part as patients usually discontinue their medications secondary to severe side effects.

BPC-157 and Honey Bee Research

Colony collapse disorder (CCD) can be explained as a syndrome in which whole colonies of honeybees generally experience rapid decrease and, subsequently, see complete destruction. Causes of the condition are not fully defined, but part of the problem can be contributed to an infection in honeybee guts by the fungus Nosema ceranae. By supplementing the food that honey bees eat with BPC157, researchers have shown a reduction in the damage the fungus causes in honey bee GI tracts and a concomitant increase in hive survival rates[16]. These trials were carried out in natural field settings and offer the first vital oral treatment for decreasing the impact of CCD on the most important pollinator for most food crops.

Future BPC-157 Research

BPC-157 is going through an active research in multiple cell culture and animal models. The peptide demonstrates a great deal of promise not just as a therapeutic agent for the advancement in wound healing and regulating vascular growth, but as a tool for investigating these processes to better understand their control. Research using BPC157 has shown a great potential to provide insights on angiogenesis in particular, a process that is not only critical to wound healing, but that plays extensive roles in growth, cancer development, and embryogenesis. 

Referenced Citations

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