Refund and Returns Policy


We know that packages can be thrown around, dropped, stacked, and smushed during transit.  We use tried and true packaging methods; however, we know that no matter how well we insulate and product the products, someone handling your package could quite possibly break one or all your items.  We will reship at no attentional cost to you; however, you must immediately begin taking photos OR video the second you become aware that a vial has been broken.  From then onward, we would like to you to document the rest of the unboxing process.  Want to avoid any chance of being denied?  Forget taking just photos, make a video of you unwrapping the entire package.  Begin video recording as soon as you notice a vial has been broken.  Please keep the camera on the package until all products have been unwrapped and the package is empty.  Please email us the video, along with a detailed list of the damaged vials.  Photos will be accepted, however with the advancement of technology individuals are able to alter photos.  Some people will take the hours of work required to give the illusion of broken vials. We have a proprietary method of marking each vial prior to shipment. One of our team members was an image analysis for the government.  Deep fakes, image, and video editing, etc will be immediately discovered.  We have a bounty program for those who wish to test his abilities.  Please send us an email if you would like to be involved.  The bounty of $10,000 will be rewarded to anyone who places an order of 3 items or more and attempts to have use believe the products were damaged in shipping when they were not.  If you can create images and video that deceives him, we will pay you $10,000 in ADA through  Please only inquire if you are a serious artist.  There is additional requirements which we can share with you once you email us.  


The process we have shared with you is just a major portion of the reship process.  Our process includes another redundancy that will immediately expose if product was removed from the vial, and then broken. People have done this, then claimed the vial arrived broken.  Because there is a 0% chance of our methods being wrong, any user who is found committing this type of fraud will be Permanently Banned.  

New methods to ban users will guarantee the individual can never access, or any of our sister sites. Scammers, by engaging in any type of deceitful, or fraudulent activity, you agree to that in doing so you immediately will forfeit your privacy rights to:  Your legal name, IP addresses, Mac Addresses, Email Addresses, and any other digital identifying attributes for you.  Additionally, your network, and company network will be exposed.  In the event you use a company network we will contact the companies network administrator, and ultimately one of our owners will speak to your company’s owner or senior manager and inform them of your actions using company property.  We really do appreciate it when scammers choose to use their company’s computer to attempt to defraud us.  All information discovered about your identity will be shared with a multitude of interested parties.  The above-mentioned addresses, emails, names, and companies will be added to a “DO NOT SELL” list that is frequently updated and used by 178 major retailers of peptides, and a variety of body and mind improvement sites.

Our team will go above and beyond to make sure your replacements products are sent in an expedited manner

Our team will also go above and beyond to make sure the names and personal information of those attempting to scam, defraud, and steal from our site are known by as many companies and individuals as possible.  Ideally, we can reach your spouse, significant other, loved ones, and boss.  I cannot urge you enough to not defraud us.  We have hired an excellent team to handle those who do.  I can assure you that they are relentless and will pursue you until they are confident your character is known by as many people possible.  Especially those close to you.

We know our methods are extreme, but we have decided that we must take this route in handling individuals who try to scam.  Our prices are the lowest online, and we want to keep it that way.  Having people falsify shipping damages ultimately will increase our prices.  These individuals need to be delt with accordingly, so they change their ways, or simply do not have the option to place an order.

Due to legal reasons we are not able to mention our sister sites.  They are in the top 10 sites for research peptides and bodybuilding research chemicals in the United States,


Our rigorous testing processes have never been called into question.  If you feel the product, you have is yielding inadequate test results, we urge you to recalibrate your machinery.  Due to the fragile nature of all of our products, we do not accept any returns for any reason.  Reships are only for those who receive damaged products and can document this for us at the time of opening the package. If for some strange reason your package arrives incorrect, or missing a portion of your order, please document this with video or photo and write us a detailed letter explain the issue.  You must include the photos.  We will go over our video system, that will allow us to watch your order being pulled, placed, and packaged.  

Cancelations once the order is placed and paid for

Cancellations must be requested before the order has left our facility.  If it has left and is in transit there is nothing we can do. Once the order has shipped, cancelation is not an option under any circumstances


Our refund policy is very simple.  We do not refund for any reason.  Once you have completed the payment, that order is complete.  The only thing that we will do in cases covered under the first section titled “Damaged in Transit and Reshipment Policy”, is reship the exact products your ordered if they arrive to you damaged, and you an provide us with irrefutable evidence that they did indeed arrive damaged.  

We hope you understand.  Please contact us if you have a unique circumstance not listed here.

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