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Since the evolution of science, researchers and scientists tend to experiment with n number of compounds with a vision to move the needle in human health. Something that can improvise metabolism, heal wounds, annihilate inflammation, embellish our thinking, and even help us live longer and healthier. A number of associations and correlations found frequently and at the same time it becomes rare and most exciting to come across something that actually makes a difference.

Well, to your surprise, BPC 157 – the lovable child of the optimized self, bodybuilding and performance enhancing communities has been used for years overseas in the fields like athletics, nootropic & regenerative spaces. And now it has widely been acclaimed as a staple in the number of health protocols. Looking forward to heal your gut? Try BPC 157. Be it for shutting down inflammation around a tendon? Try BPC 157. Need to heal from an ACL surgery. Try BPC 157. With an almost minor to no side effects, BPC 157 can be introduced into a protocol for healing or optimization.

It seems that you are now interested in learning if this peptide is a good fit for you? Let’s dive into the researches, studies, & what to layer it with to make it even more effective.

What is BPC 157?

Let’s go back to that interesting high school science class for a minute and try to recall a thing or two. As you know well about terms like peptides, amino acids, collagen, etc. BPC 157 is a short peptide chain, and similar to all peptides, it is composed of small building units/molecules called amino acids.

Peptides, simply put, are a string of amino acids. An amino acid may be powerful on its own but once linked together in a chain-like sequence to form a peptide, they’re vital. Given that peptides send messages to cells with instructions regarding what those cells should become they’re pretty important when it comes to the functioning of our body.  

BPC is an abbreviation for Body Protective Compound, and that is exactly how it functions. It was originally identified to be somewhat a protective peptide within our gut and to have a healing effect in both our upper and lower GI tract.

You should also understand that BPC 157 is only a small fraction of the whole BPC protein, but at the same time it is vital for its functionality as it is where binding spots for enzymes are located.  The structure of this stable gastric penta-deca-peptide consists of 15 amino acids, and looks a little something like this:


bpc 157 chemical formula_ buy bpc 157 online

What Does BPC 157 Do?

BPC 157 is a natural product as it comes from the gastric juice of human body, and its role in the gut is to kick-start and accelerate the repair and renewal of the intestinal tract. Since our intestines are built in a way to work under a lot of pressure and constantly working to repair damage, BPC 157 does an amazing job of keeping everything running in a smooth manner by regenerating cells of intestine walls and endothelial. Therefore, preventing ulcers, stabilizing micro-biome, and controlling the functioning of blood vessels.

Once scientists and researchers identifies the healing properties of this peptide, they decided to test the effects outside the digestive tract, and the results were certainly incredible.

It turns out that BPC 157 interacts straightaway with Nitric Oxide (NO) pathway, not only regulating blood vessel functioning, but also promoting key growth factors. The primary mechanism of Nitric Oxide mediated wound healing is the formation of new blood vessels in a process called angiogenic repair. It simply implies that more oxygen and energy can be delivered to injured spot, and the recovery becomes faster.

BPC 157 is also responsible for exhilarating the production of angiogenic cytokines like VEGF, TGF-b, and FGF. Nonetheless, it does a lot more than these growth factors, and it won’t be an exaggeration to say that it’s regenerative potential is extraordinary. It up regulates the Anti-Inflammatory Gene Transcription Factor, and Growth Hormone receptors, all leading to better systemic repair response.

In addition to this, BPC 157 also aggravate the growth and spread of fibro blasts, which are very important for the formation of a structural protein of your skin, bones, and connective tissues, known as collagen.

What Are the Benefits of BPC 157?

A number of researchers across the globe are working day-in-day-out to list out some amazing benefits of this healing peptide. They are constantly working to evaluate if BPC 157 contains life-altering properties. Courtesy to these studies, the list of the benefits of BPC 157 peptide is growing day-by-day at a very fast pace:

  1. Useful addendum to heal almost anything related to the gastrointestinal tract.
  2. Heals mitochondrial damage.
  3. Accelerated healing of ligaments, bones, and tendons.
  4. Decreases inflammation in autoimmune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis.
  5. Protects endothelial and the formation of scar tissues.
  6. Improves mental health & mood.
  7. Blocks long term effects of corticosteroid injections.
  8. Stabilizes production of certain hormones and neurotransmitters like serotonin.
  9. Protection of the cardiovascular system.
  10. Reduced drug-induced damage.
  11. Better general body repair and wound healing.
  12. Improves body’s response to allergens and viruses.

BPC 157 for gut health

BPC 157 stabilizes the brain-gut axis, which acts as an in-charge of the working system between the nervous system, gut, micro biome, and immune system.

BPC 157 also help with esophageal re-flux, esophagogastric anastomosis, ulcerative colitis, and intestinal swelling, which are all the part of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). People with IBD could benefit from BPC supplements, especially if their body doesn’t produce a sufficient amount of BPC-157.

In addition to protecting the GI tract, BPC 157 could also help preserve colon health.

BPC 157 for Cognition & Brain Health

BPC 157 exaggerates the neuron repairs in the brain, and could prove to be a potent healing inducer after traumatic brain injury. With that said, it can also decrease the effectiveness of many neuro-toxic substances, and can even avert seizures, brain lesions, and other harmful processes due to the overdose of insulin.

As BPC 157 peptide stabilizes the production of specific hormones like serotonin, it also helps in promoting mental health by averting depression-type symptoms. Research published in the Journal of Physiology – Paris has also found BPC 157 to have significant effects like antidepressants, with minimal to no side effects. In addition to that, it also helped to increase mobility in chronically stressed rats in the same study.

BPC 157 reduces the effect of stress, thus affects dopaminergic and adrenergic systems

Are you seeing any anxiety symptoms? BPC 157 stabilizes GABA neurotransmitters, helping with withdrawals and tolerance of certain drugs and also decreases anxiety. So you must be wondering about the potential of BPC 157 in improving the health of people with brain related disorders? Well, it has shown strong potential in reducing the toxin-induced neural damage in those with Parkinson’s disease in humans following positive results in animals. Researches has also shown positive results in the treatment of a number of central nervous system disorders, like multiple sclerosis (MS).

BPC 157 and Your Heart

BPC 157 has shown great potential in protecting the cardiovascular system according to the different researches that has been conducted on this peptide over the years. It safeguards blood vessels from oxidative stress, toxins, & damages, hence leading to better cardiovascular health and increased longevity. Since, our blood vessel quality is directly proportional to the health of our heart and cardiovascular system, hence, it proves to be a vital addition for the better heart health. At the same time, it is also useful in detecting tumors and metastases, as it looks like BPC 157 could play a significant role there. Nonetheless, we need to have more such studies before we affirm this.

BPC 157 promotes cardiovascular health as it stimulates the formation of new blood vessels and tissues

BPC 157 peptide successfully averts damages from certain toxic substances, like electrolytes and many more. The therapeutic effect BPC 157 peptide contains could even be used in the treatment of severe conditions such as congestive heart failure (CHF). BPC 157 has demonstrated favorable results and faster recovery after CHF, though more human studies are needed to affirm this.

BPC 157 & The Prevention of  Drug-Induced Damage

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) are commonly used for pain, cold, fever, and inflammation, but they can cause damage to our body if taken too frequently. It appears that BPC 157 can be of great help to minimize the toxicity level induced by NSAIDs.

With that said, it can also fight off alcohol intoxication symptoms and prevent lesion formation in the GI(gastro intestinal) tract. BPC 157 shows excellent potential in the recovery of substance abuse users. BPC 157 can block the stereotypy from amphetamine and other narcoleptic. Since it interacts with the dopaminergic system, it can also make certain opioids like morphine less efficient.

The Healing Capabilities of BPC 157

In addition to its protection capabilities, BPC 157 has a tremendous healing capacity. It can easily be used for injuries, which is one of the biggest reasons why this peptide has become widely acclaimed in the fitness industry and among athletes.

You should understand the fact that wound healing is a very complicated patho-physiologic process and while the nature of this process of healing is continuous, it can easily be divided into four phases:

  1. Coagulation and Homeostasis 
  2. Inflammation
  3. Proliferation
  4. Wound remodeling with scar tissue formation.

With widely acclaimed and evolving evidences that demonstrates the pivotal role played by a number of peptides in the inflammatory response during wound healing, BPC 157 in tandem with many other peptides, is being widely used as a part of a comprehensive therapeutic approach to acute and chronic wound management. At the same time, it can also be useful for treating burns, cuts, damaged skin.

But, the better thing about this peptide is that it can successfully accelerate the healing of almost any injury, be it internal or external. It can be acclaimed that the BPC 157 peptide is widely useful in treating injuries related to ligaments, muscles, tendons, and even bones.

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